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Discover Mood Time

Helping you achieve the happy and peaceful life you deserve


We'll help you be on track by sending you daily reminders to track your mood.

Track Mood Intensity

Rate how intense your emotions are to see progressions of your emotions throughout the week.

Track Your Hours

Keep track of how many hours you've been down to visualize an accurate calcuation of your emotions.


Share the data so that you and your therapist can have the best and most accurate information.

We can help you

Track your emotions and take control of your mental health

Mood Time allows for it to be simple and easy to invest in yourself, discover and make changes, and notice progress.


Track Your Mood Each Day, Multiple Times a Day

Invest in yourself and track your emotions throughout the day. Rate the intensity of your feelings. Depending on your rating, you can recieve notifications to remind you to come back and update your feelings when you are feeling down. Rely on Mood Time to keep you on track and committed to healing your mental health.


Keep up with your progress

Mood Time calculates a variety of statistics based on how you are feeling throughout the day, such as weekly and monthly statistics and the number of hours you are feeling down throughout the week and month. Depend on the yearly summary to discover your progress throughout the year.


Share your progress

Share and save your statistics easily to your photo gallery or email/text/etc. you data. If you have a therapist, they will need to spend valuable time asking questions or filling out annoying questionnaires. Wasting time is the last thing you want to do during a counseling session. Mood time makes it easy to keep everyone in the loop.